October 2016 Service Project

Just south of the Utah border in the town of Colorado City is an overgrown 12 acre plot of land. A duck pond, walking paths, gazebos, arboretum and remnants of animal cages from years past sit unused and generally unavailable for public use. In October 2016, our small group of around 2o volunteers assembled to help reverse some of nature’s overtaking and help make it a more inviting place.

Once a popular location for families, the cages that used to be home to exotic and wild animals, including zebras, camels, bears and wolves can still be seen. Around the year 2005 FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs sold all the animals and the zoo was closed down. Recently through the UEP Trust, the land was leased by some local residents, who dreamed about resurrecting the zoo and making it a great place for the community once again.

Our goal for this project was to remove many of the dead and dying trees surrounding the pond, clear pathways of overgrown weeds and debris, create a pair of picnic table areas near the pond and improve the accessibility and overall appearance of what might one day be a beautiful nature center. The first phase of the project was a success and we look forward to coming back for more ongoing improvements through future projects!



Your donations are tax deductible. Please contact us if you’d like to donate your time or in-kind supplies.