If you are interested in joining us and our amazing team of friends and volunteers by helping partner with locals in Colorado City and Hilldale to revitalize the town ravaged by Warren Jeffs, we will be traveling down the weekend of April 20 – 23, 2017. The week will be full of amazing opportunities volunteers are welcome to attend what they can.


(tentative and subject to change)

Thursday, April 20th, 2017
Sunstone Short Creek Historical Conference
The town’s first Mormon Historical Conference at the Jeffs Home (You must register SEPARATELY here to attend)

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Mountain Meadows Day Tour by Barbara Jones Brown, Guide

9:00 A.M. Meet at the parking lot for the Dan Sill Hill or upper monument. From the lot we will walk up the paved path to the upper monument, which overlooks the Mountain Meadows.

Visit the lower or main monument, where the five-day siege took place before the September 11, 1857, massacre.

Visit the marker in the area where the emigrant men were massacred.

Visit the marker in the area where the emigrant women and children were massacred.

(Note: The distance between these locations requires that we go from site to site by car rather than on foot. But we will spend the majority of our time outdoors at each of these sites. All the sites are wheelchair accessible.)

About Noon Leave the Mountain Meadows. Everyone on their own for lunch in St. George (approximately 30 minutes from the Meadows).

2:00 P.M. Meet at the Old County Courthouse, 97 East St. George Blvd., where we will discuss reconciliation efforts since the massacre and view an album quilt made by descendants of the victims and perpetrators of the massacre, on permanent display in the courthouse.

About 3 P.M. Tour ends.

Dinner at 5 pm at the Colorado City Music Festival.

Saturday, April 22, 2017 Service Project at the Zoo -Fix and repaint the bird house -Help 3 nurseries “adopt” and landscape a plot -Add weed guard and gravel to pathways -Fix up and restore the outhouse.

The Colorado City Music Festival will also be going on all day, 11am-9pm at Maxwell Park. A great chance to support the local music scene! See more at: Their facebook page


Sunday, April 23, 2017 Fern Family Hike with Short Creek Guide. 8 am Family and Group Hike with Andrew Chatwin **Heather Cooke, Terrill Musser’s wife is going to be offering childcare.  $3 an hour per kid so you can bring your little ones on this trip if you are interested in local childcare. If you will need childcare for children 11 and under, please email the names and ages of your children to info@thefernfoundation.org with the subject line, “Childcare.” We will also let children 12 and older help on the landscaping portion if they are responsible and you are committed to making sure they stay in designated areas.


All volunteers can commit to different projects or join us for the entire schedule. This year we have the amazing, unique, and fun experience of “camping out” in Warren Jeffs’ actual home (this will mean bringing your own bedding). This is optional and you are welcome to arrange your own lodging. Note: No children under 11 can stay at the Jeffs’ home unless they rent a private room.


ALL volunteers must fill out the form below. Once the form is received, you will receive email updates with scheduling and lodging info.

Thank you for your support!

If you’d like to help but can’t make it onsite to our April service project, please support us by making a donation to the project.


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